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Understanding their world


What is happening 

Why is it happening



  • Their behaviour change: They are becoming their own person

  • They pull away from family and spending more time with their friends

  • They  start to spend more time alone behind closed doors and choose to isolate themselves

  • They have mood swings: They will often not understand their outbursts

  • They become secretive: They will deliberately hide things from their parents

  • Their attitudes change: They seek individuality and identity that will create




  • It is a natural, developmental process

  • They are seeking Identity

  • They are seeking individuality

  • They transition from being a child to being an adult

  • The dynamics of their brain changes: It is a neurological process


Understanding your Role as a Parent

How to Handle Conflict

How to Positively Engage with your Child

How to survive the Teenage Years

How to effectively communicate with your Child?

Action Steps

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