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Being a Parent in the 21st Century

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Are you a 21st-century parent?

Do you sometimes feel lost in the digital village where your child "lives"?

We all realise that the Landscape has changed:

There is a dramatic quantum shift in being a teenager, parent or teacher in the 21st century.


Most of us appreciate that we have to keep up with the changes,  otherwise, we will inevitably fall behind and lose our influence and ability to inspire our teenagers to live fulfilled and happy lives.


Mainly due to this drastic quantum shift, and the fact that parents do not necessarily have personal experience to tap into this new world (because their world of growing up was entirely different) parents do not always know how to help and support teenagers of the 21st century.



Counselling and Life Coaching is one of the most powerful and successful ways to support all the stakeholders on this journey by creating a positive, accommodating environment where teenagers can feel understood and guided and where parents can feel supported and confident in their interaction with teenagers.


We run a program where the different aspects of the parent-child relationship are broken down into different components such as: 

  • Understanding your role as a parent,

  • Understanding their world,

  • How to positively engage with your child,

  • How to effectively communicate with your child,

  • How to handle conflict,

  • How to survive the teenage years and 

  • Action steps

Click on the information boxes below to learn more about the content of each topic.

The program can be run as a day workshop or as a condensed 1-hour presentation.


Please contact me today for a conversation that will change your life and register your interest for an upcoming workshop here.


Understanding your Role as a Parent

How to Handle Conflict

Understanding their world

How to Positively Engage with your Child

How to effectively communicate with your Child?

How to survive the Teenage Years

Action Steps

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