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Do you ever feel as if you are standing in your own way in achieving happiness and success?

Do you sometimes experience negative thoughts that are running through your mind?


Do you feel that these thoughts are hindering you from moving forward?

Are they creating conflict in your life - whether it is in your relationship with:


your partner,

your family members,


colleagues or



Do you want to understand the dynamics of these thoughts and be in a position to control them and be in control of your life?

At Design Your Purpose Personal Coaching, we take a holistic approach and we believe that people have considerable latent potential and that significant human change is possible. 


We use the A-B-C Sequence to explain the anatomy of these thoughts that we experience, that is at the root of our behaviour.


The A-B-C sequence is a model used to help understand the link between thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. The A-B-C model is represented in the following diagrams. 















Core beliefs are those long-held (sometimes from childhood), often rigid beliefs that we hold about ourselves, other people and the world.

These beliefs may be so fundamental that we do not recognise them as beliefs, but as "the way things are".

For example, “I am unworthy”, “I am loveable”, “I am insignificant”, “I am useless”.


Automatic Thoughts are words or images that go through our minds without conscious effort. Automatic thoughts usually go unnoticed by the thinker, who acts on them as if they were true.

For example, “I’ll never fit in”, “There’s no use in trying”, “I’ll never figure this out”, “It’ll never work”. 


Behaviours are the actions we carry out in response to thoughts or emotions and these are observable aspects of our thoughts. 


Emotions are our subjective feeling responses that occur as a result of a thought or pattern of thinking.

For example (from the automatic thoughts above), feeling lonely or isolated, feeling useless or overwhelmed, and feeling hopeless. 


In our approach, we address the relationship between your automatic thoughts (including beliefs and assumptions), behaviours, and emotions and how it impacts on your ability to reach your goals.


Design Your Purpose Personal Counselling and Coaching is a process that enables you to become more aware of these thoughts and where you gain skills to reframe these thoughts positively to ensure positive actions.


The impact of these negative thoughts are incredibly comprehensive and touches every aspect of your life. Your self-image is based on these thoughts and beliefs about yourself and it determines how you are going to interact with the world around you.

By gaining an understanding and skills to reframe your thoughts, the ripple effect can be seen in:

your ability to communicate,

your ability to manage conflict, 

your emotional intelligence,

your social intelligence,

your lifestyle,

your thinking preferences,

your listening skills,

your reaction to stress, 

your ability to overcome fears and boundaries,

your parenting style,

your relationships.





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