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Workshop: At Your Wits End With Your Teenager?

Register your interest in an upcoming workshop or schedule your own - Whether you are part of a parent group or a school.

I can be a guest speaker at your event or you can join a scheduled workshop in the near future.

Please contact me for further detail!

This workshop can be delivered in compact form (1-hour session), or a 1-day presentation.


This is a great workshop/ presentation to help parents/adults understand their teenagers better, as well as an opportunity for teenagers to understand themselves better.


The following topics are addressed:  

  1. Understanding your Role (Framework for the relationship):

  2. Understand their world (What is happening and Why is it happening)

  3. How can I positively engage with my child?

  4. What does effective communication look like?

  5. How to handle conflict

  6. How to “get through” the teenage years (without too much damage)

  7. Action steps (Laying down the rules that work for everybody in the family unit)


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