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Nadine Koen

Annecke is one of those people with a gift to inspire change, leading you on a natural journey of growth and progression, developing your talents and helping you rekindle and fulfill even long forgotten dreams and aspirations.



Margaret B – Counsellor 

Through my encounters with Annecke over the past five years, I have found her to be empathetic and respectful of all people and their situations. She is skilful in assisting people of varying ages to achieve their goals through her insightful questioning and encouraging comments.

Sandra - Learning Facilitator / Former Principal

I have known Annecke for 51/2 years in my capacity as Principal of a School. Annecke has a natural ability to connect with teenagers and engage them in personal conversations about their own journey through life. The senior school students held Annecke in the highest regard and many would testify to the wise counsel and unconditional support which they received. 

Richard and Carol Carter 

Our son had Annecke as a teacher in his senior school years. We are grateful for the insight she has into the workings of a young mind and the care and compassion that she gave our son. 

Morgan Manners 

Annecke is an understanding and an easily approachable Life coach. In my experience, I have always felt comfortable sharing my journey with her, and have found her advice encouraging, and motivational.

Mathew Tucker 

During my encounters and interactions with Annecke, she has always been able to give the highest quality of advice. Her abundance of life experience provides a very in-depth insight that she is able to pass on to whoever she is communicating with. 

Gabrielle Brunton 

Sometimes in life we are faced with decisions or situations with which we are unable to cope with independently. Annecke's patient, honest and optimistic presence in my life takes the credit for my overcoming many of these obstacles.

Neralie Manners 

As a family, we have always appreciated the support and guidance Annecke has provided for our child and our family over the past few years. Her extensive knowledge on life and her ability to apply that knowledge to personalised situations has blessed us greatly. 

Josiah Bacher 

Annecke’s friendly and kind personality made it easy for me to seek her guidance on several issues and everyday situations.

Jason Royce - Grower/Producer and Apiarist

I've been privileged to have been acquainted with Annecke for several years via the Education system and also as recreational Beekeeper. Along the way, I've personally been inspired by her commitment to ensure that the people with whom she encounters always depart as greater individuals. 

Xena Brunton 

During the most difficult years of my life to date Annecke was the refuge I turned to for clarity. Where others had done the bare minimum to put a 'troubled child' through the system, she refused to discriminate and worked tirelessly, going above and beyond to create a hope for my future. 

Marietjie de Jager– Financial Consultant

I have known Annecke for the past 13 years – initially in a professional capacity, but later in a personal level. She is extremely compassionate and brings out the best in the people she engages with. She has an authentic ability to make everyone feel special and important. With her endearing personality, she has the ability to establish immediate trust. 

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