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My Experiences

I am a qualified Counsellor, Life Coach and Educator.

I have spent almost 10 years in the corporate world as a Business Development Manager. My main areas of expertise were in the training of Consultants and Brokers and supporting them in their business development.


A prominent component of my position related to conflict resolution. I negotiated with Product Providers, Human Resource Managers, Financial Directors and Unions regarding prospective business opportunities.

I feel comfortable in front of large audiences and regularly delivered presentations to employer groups and Company decision-makers.


I also have almost a decade of experience in education. I have completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with Psychology as one of my 3 Major subjects. I have also completed my Higher Education Diploma, where I studied Psychopedagogy and focused on themes such as educational behaviour and the psychological development of the child (concept of self, self-image, self-worth, motivation and intelligence). I have been teaching Psychology to Senior students for the past 9 years.


During the past 12 years. I have done extensive personal research on the human brain, especially with regard to the development of the teenage brain. I had the opportunity to interact with many young minds and observe their behaviour within this context. Aspects such as multiple intelligences, brain hemisphere dominance, learning styles, neuroplasticity, neurogenesis, and mindfulness are some of the topics of interest.


Additionally, aspects such as domestic violence on the psychological development of children also formed part of my personal study area.


I have considerable experience in a school setting in providing counselling, welfare, youth work and educational support to young people in general as well as support to at-risk / vulnerable students.

I have supported young people with learning disabilities, behavioural - or domestic challenges, suicide risks, tendencies to self-harm, depression and pornography addiction. In collaboration with professional services, I have utilised my networking skills to determine the best treatment plan and outcome for the students.


I also assisted in establishing the ongoing monitoring of the processes /guidelines for at-risk youths by facilitating the communication, conflict, and interaction between young people and their parents. Continual interaction with students provided me with the privilege to counsel young people on a daily basis.


In an attempt to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, I have traveled to Helsinki (Finland) where I visited some of the top schools, in order to determine their recipe for educational success.


It was an honour to be nominated for the NEiTA Teaching Excellence Award in 2013.


I have studied the Hebrew language in 2014 and I am currently learning to speak French. I also teach Psychology for Year 11 and 12 students.

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