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The stories that connect us...


We all gather stories of victory and defeat on our journey through life. We all have scars to show as evidence of battle and most of us are fortunate enough to have survived the school of life thus far. We come to understand that our experiences make us who we are – Our responses to our circumstances are the essence of that which defines us.


Everyone has a story and every story has an ending. Sometimes the end of one story is the introduction or beginning of a new story. Sometimes, we write our own stories – and sometimes our stories write us.


I have many stories to share and some of my stories might intertwine and interconnect with some of your stories. Together we weave the tapestry of the story of life. My stories of hardship, bravery, deep loss and longing and stories about victory and joy help me to meet you where you are at – It helps me to identify with – and show compassion and empathy for your stories.


Many of my stories are about hardship – about a broken family as a child, divorce as an adult and being a single parent for the most part of my parenthood-life.

  • I have stories about bravery - Immigrating to a new country as the matriarch of a new generation and creating opportunities and a better life for myself, my children and my generation to come.

  • I have stories of deep loss and longing - A “loss” of everyone and everything that I know and love when I left my country of birth. I lost that which I believed defined who I was. I lost a father in my absence and never realized that our last goodbye was really the last goodbye.

  • I have stories of victory and joy - I am blessed to have children, friends  and family who love me back and who are happy, healthy and safe.


Our stories make us who we are - and we are all connected through our stories. Let's share them and weave the story of mankind into a beautiful tapestry of legacy.

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